Tuesday, 16 February 2010 "SIMPLES"

Much has been said about the day to day life of the Bassets. The ups , downs and tribulations of having two of the most stubborn dogs known to man. My how I've laughed as my wallet got lighter lighter and lighter. My how I laughed as the personal belongings disappeared, the valuables appeared in the garden and things you used to take for granted now had to be hidden away or at least more than 9 inches off the floor. ( My bassets are about 6 feet long but very short !). Then it occurred to me. It occurred to me that there may be people out there considering the purchase of a basset. Considering taking that plunge into the world of hounds, considering that plunge into domestic destruction and lunacy ! I wondered what we'd actually spent since the arrival of the hounds. Well here goes....................

Purchase of two basset hounds ~ £1500.00
Vets bill jabs etc ~ £300.00 vet
Basset vasectomies ~ £300.00 vet
Undisclosed hernia op ~ £150.00 vet
Lewis bitten on leg by foofoo dog ~ £100.00 vet
Monty eating something horrible ~ £50.00 vet
Food ~ £1000.00 (apx)
Leads,bowls etc ~ £100.00 (apx)

To be calculator has broken!

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